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Pioneering a supra-regional circular economy

Target 2030

The South Tyrolean fruit sector is set to become a driving force in the introduction, consolidation and dissemination of a supra-regional circular economy. From organic resources such as manure and compost to technical resources including metal and plastic, we will deploy intelligent circulation, collection and recycling systems to ensure more effective and nature-friendly use. In partnership with all major sectors, the Alpine macro-region will come together to form a large European circular economy by the year 2030.

Package of measures for the targets
"Pioneering a supra-regional circular economy"

Developing a supra-regional circular economy in the Alpine macro-region

Development of a detailed supra-regional circular economy concept within and in cooperation with the Alpine macro-region

Focal points: resource and material flows within and between the agricultural sectors

Consultation on the circular economy concept (goals, activities, programme) with additional economic sectors, the Province of South Tyrol administration and the wider Alpine macro-region

Roadmap for the circular economy (1-3 years per phase):

Phase 1:
Feasibility study and concept creation

Phase 2:
Programme development and coordination

Phase 3:
Start of implementation

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Target 1.1

Taking pride in the South Tyrolean model of structural sustainability

Target 1.3

Using our innovative strength for the future


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