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Using our innovative strength for the future

Target 2030

The South Tyrolean Apple stands out on account of its unique colours, taste and quality. Careful variety breeding, coordinated diversity and smart technical innovations – all undertaken in respectful collaboration with employees and partners – have been key to the activities of the South Tyrolean fruit sector for generations. In agriculture and daily life alike, we are guided by the principle of ‘technology and innovation for the people’. Intelligent and sustainable innovationsgo hand-in-hand with protecting the climate, the environment and resources.

Package of measures for the targets
"Using our innovative strength for the future"

Expanding innovation and diversity to boost sustainability

Maintenance and expansion of diversity and attractiveness in fruit growing through variety breeding and testing programmes

Enhancement of quality management in apple growing through to the level of sustainable excellence

Promotion of sustainability-related innovations:

  • Innovations in growing and marketing
  • Use, recycling and upcycling of (agricultural) resources
  • Use of sustainable water power and other renewable energy sources
  • Proactive energy projects, e.g. in photovoltaics
More targets in the action area "The South Tyrolean Apple as a global success model"
Target 1.1

Taking pride in the South Tyrolean model of structural sustainability

Target 1.2

Pioneering a supra-regional circular economy


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