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Plant health in partnership with nature

Target 2030

Healthy plants guarantee rich harvests. Professional maintenance of plant health, the proper application of plant protection methods and the identification of further potential for deployment in harmony with nature all remain important requirements. We consider the most pressing needs to be promoting knowledge and also honing our ability to conduct discussions and dialogue – even with our critics. In addition, we are planning to establish a group of agricultural model companies and help communicate their experiences. By presenting such models, we hope to create a “bandwagon effect” among other growers that we can then bring to the attention of the wider public.

Package of measures for the targets
"Plant health in partnership with nature"

Boosting plant health and establishing model companies

Clear presentation of (legally) regulated plant protection measures for the benefit of the wider public

Promotion of targeted pesticide use according to the state of the art, both in terms of time (forecast) and space (drift)

Series of plant protection dialogues to be conducted with professional experts, environmental organisations and critics in order to boost knowledge, skill and communication

Enhancement of both production methods (integrated and organic) in relation to plant protection while accounting for aspects of sustainability

Establishment of a group of model agricultural companies that implement model plant health projects, plus broad communication of resulting experiences to members and the general public

Promotion and integration of all agronomic and ecological measures relating to plant health (in cooperation with scientific and specialist partners)

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Target 3.3

Our legacy: a nature-conscious approach


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