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Our mission: climate-neutral fruit growing

Target 2030

The South Tyrolean fruit sector has set itself the clear goal of being climate-neutral throughout all phases of production by 2030. Ecological sustainability and climate protection are not merely the preserve of states or individuals – they have a major impact on the economy. By creating a comprehensive resource, energy and CO2 report, we will be able to assess the aspects that are pivotal to ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable activities. We will then use this information to compile a progressive climate protection programme featuring effective flagship projects: our own active contribution to tackling climate change.

Package of measures for the targets
"Our mission: climate-neutral fruit growing"

Bringing a progressive climate protection programme to fruition

Creation of a CO₂, energy and resource report for South Tyrolean apple growing via analysis of leading companies and aggregation on a provincial level

Identification of pivotal aspects along the entire value chain: growing, harvest, processing, storage, distribution, marketing

Development of science-based targets to be reached by 2030:

  • The South Tyrolean apple sector is to be 100% climate-neutral in 2030
  • Outlook: sale of CO₂ certificates and/or offsetting of generated CO₂ savings with other (economic) sectors in South Tyrol

Outline of flagship projects such as “climate-neutral soil”, which targets the preservation and formation of humus e.g. through organic farming or the use of biochar/black soil

More targets in the action area "In partnership with nature"
Target 3.2

Plant health in partnership with nature

Target 3.3

Our legacy: a nature-conscious approach


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