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Farming families at the heart of fruit growing

Targ 2030

The South Tyrolean apple sector focuses on the success, health and happiness of us all, which is why we salute farming families as the very heart of fruit growing. We invest our innovative strength in both technical and social innovations with a number of schools, residential homes and nurseries having received support from our company and products. The South Tyrolean fruit sector is and will remain the cultural, social and economic basis for maximising quality of life in rural areas.

Package of measures for the targets
"Farming families at the heart of fruit growing"

Promoting and assisting the fruitfarming families

Social and organisational innovations:

  • New companies and start-ups: “smart farming”
  • Schools, kindergartens and nurseries: “farmers as childminders”
  • Villages, neighbourhoods and culture: “apple tours”

Sustainability topics relating to family succession and employees:

  • Health, occupational safety: “fair distribution – fair pay”
  • Further education and training: development of targeted online consulting services (webinars, farminars, e-learning, etc.)
More targets in the action area "We promote healthy eating"
Target 2.1

Providing high-quality sustainable food

Target 2.2

Our apples boost health and vitality


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